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Honda And The Spirit Of Senna
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I have to say that Ive very much been enjoying all of the Ayrton Senna retrospectives that have been appearing this week, and for many people its hard to remember Ayrton without looking back on his relationship with Honda. Sennas ties with the automobile manufacturer helped to make a him a hero figure in Japan. Over the years he did lots of work with Honda both on and off the race track, and hes best remembered for his help testing the Honda NSX and for appearing in commercials for the fourth generation Honda Prelude when it debuted in Japan in 1991.

So with that in mind I thought Id round up a few of the great videos that document the Senna and Honda connection

First up is the classic film of Senna and Satoru Nakajima thrashing some N1-spec EFs around Suzuka. Its simply brilliant seeing these guys in screaming VTEC FF cars.

Next is a longer film that Honda released around the debut of the new Prelude in 1991, which features behind the scenes of footage of Senna in Japan shooting the television commercials for the car. You can see it in five parts here and below.

Last but not least is the film of Senna at Suzuka again testing an NSX-R a car that he will forever be associated with.

It may have been 20 years since the world lost Ayrton, but the mans spirit seems to be shining brighter than ever. And thats a wonderful thing.

Mike Garrett
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